Prof. Keisuke Asai, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, having several years of experience in the field of PSP/TSP measurements and paint development, will present lectures on the basics of unsteady PSP.

Prof. Dr. Yasuhiro Egami, Aichi Institute of Technology (AIT), Toyota, Japan, who worked at DLR for several years, will give information about TSP development and application.

Dr. Vladimir Ondrus, University Hohenheim, Germany, will discuss chemical aspects and development of the paint in his lecture.

Marie-Claire Merienne and Yves Le Sant from ONERA, Meudon, France, who have experience of many years in the field of PSP development, will give detailed information about advanced techniques like corrections of self illumination, temperature etc. and will speak about Software requirements for PSP data evaluation.

Dr. Youssef Mebarki, National Research Council, Canada, will present a theoretical background on the Pressure Sensitive Paint.

Dr. Rolf H. Engler, who had performed research and development in PSP since 1991 will start the lectures with a general overview of the existing PSP systems and techniques.

Together with Dr. Marco Costantini, Dr. Michael Hilfer, Dr. Christian Klein, Jonathan Ost, Dr. Steffen Risius, Dr. Armin Weiss, and Dr. Daisuke Yorita they will present their knowledge and experience in different areas of the TSP and PSP technique such as calibration techniques, camera operation and adjustment, recording, evaluation, data presentation, unsteady PSP, and calculation of loads using PSP.