Prof. Keisuke Asai, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

Prof. Dr. Yasuhiro Egami, Aichi Institute of Technology (AIT), Toyota, Japan.

Dr. Youssef Mebarki, National Research Council, Canada.

Marie-Claire Merienne and Yves Le Sant from ONERA, Meudon, France.

Nettie Halcomb Roozeboom, NASA-ARC, USA.

Dr. Hirotaka Sakaue, University of Notre Dame, USA.

Dr. Vladimir Ondrus, University Hohenheim, Germany.

Dr. Marco Costantini, Dr. Ulrich Henne,
Dr. Michael Hilfer, Dr. Christian Klein,
Jonathan Lemarechal, Dr. Armin Weiss,
and Dr. Daisuke Yorita,
                                DLR Göttingen, Germany.

Dr. Rolf H. Engler, who had performed research and development in PSP for more than 25 years at DLR, will start the lectures with a general overview of the existing PSP systems and techniques.