Course Outline (Preliminary)

Monday, February 18, 2019

  • Welcome
  • General overview, physical and historical background
  • Paint types and properties
  • Basic photo molecular chemistry
  • Intensity based PSP
  • Lifetime based PSP
  • Welcome party


  • Basics of unsteady PSP
  • Current challenges to increase the application fields of PSP/TSP techniques
  • Data reduction
  • Camera systems and their properties
  • Practical session I


  • Advanced techniques (from angular effects, deformation to pixel wise calibration)
  • Principle of Temperature-Sensitive Paint (TSP) and its Application in Aerodynamic Testing
  • Poster session
    The participants are invited to prepare a poster to present their special interest in PSP or TSP which also can be helpful for discussions with experts about special technical aspects.
  • Combination of PSP/TSP with other techniques
  • Facility tour 1
  • Practical session II


  • Practical session III
  • Facility tour 2
  • Practical session IV


  • Practical session V
  • Future aspects of PSP technique
  • Final discussion and assessment

Practical sessions

  • PSP and TSP coating techniques, Anodisation of Aluminum
  • Optical filter transmission + Characterisation of PSP/TSP samples
  • Measurements using PSP in a low speed wind tunnel
  • Measurements using PSP on a fast rotating propeller
  • PSP for acoustic measurements